Multifunctional vehicle TNO for population research.

We developed this multifunctional vehicle for TNO, which is mainly used for research into the oral health of the population. The vehicle was used for example during 3FM Serious Request in Leiden. Visitors could check how clean their teeth really were.

This well thought-out vehicle was developed to operate at such busy locations. A few examples:

Quickly operational

Because of the short assembly and disassembly times, the researchers are almost immediately operational upon arrival at the location.


The vehicle is fully autonomous. It is therefore not necessary to connect extra cables and hoses. All supplies (for gas, water and electricity) are integrated in the vehicle. The vehicle is also equipped with solar panels on the roof.

Climat control

So that the temperature can be controlled when there are many people in the vehicle.

Environmentally friendly

Gas generator and many batteries on board to avoid any smell or noise nuisance.

Underfloor heating

No radiators or air blowers for hygiene reasons.

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