NoviaCura - Compact Dental Car

Especially well suited for emergency care and intensive dental cleanings.

NoviaCura is specialized in organizing professional oral care for dependent residents in institutions and disabled people. The dental cars, specially developed for NoviaCura, bring many advantages. The advantages of the Compact Dental Cars are:


The vehicles are completely autonomous. So there is no need to connect additional cables and hoses. All supplies (for the purpose of gas, water and electricity) are integrated into the vehicle. Practice and equipment meet all  official infection prevention guidelines and ISO-9001 standardization for the healthcare sector according to dutch standard.

Quickly operational

This car is drivable with small driving licence and offers rapid access to clients in a wheelchair by means of the ramp. Its manoeuvrability makes this vehicle easy to deploy.


The Compact Dental Car, which is also wheelchair accessible, is used by NoviaCura for emergency aid and is extremely suitable for performing professional dental cleaning by the dental hygienist.


The water tanks on board ensure sufficient water supply and drainage.  With the batteries present, there is enough power for the entire working day and a connection to the mains is not necessary.


The medical equipment is state-of-the-art and can compete with facilities in the larger institutions. Practice planning can be done entirely from the vehicle. There is a computer with dental software and of course a wireless network.


Our Dental Cars are the result of twenty years of intensive development. Please contact us for more information.

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