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We provide customized solutions for various sectors such as healthcare, marketing & promotion, (motor) sports, research, education, information and recreation. Below we highlight some of the projects we have completed. Feel free to contact us to discuss what we can do for you without obligation.

  • Compact Dental Car 1

    Compact Dental Car

    Compact Dental Car for emergency care and intensive dental cleanings.

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  • mtb1


    Mobile dental practice for inmates.

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  • vv-noviacura-1


    Dental car for oral care at institutions

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  • venrooy-palladium-motorhome

    Leisure and recreation

    Exclusive motorhomes for the private market.

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  • TNO_exterieur_1

    Research & development

    Multifunctional vehicle TNO for population research.

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  • healthcare_exterieur_2

    Health Care

    Dental car for oral care of young and old.

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  • VV_Promotion_1


    Create the optimal brand experience and activate your target audience.

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  • venrooy-sport

    (Motor) Sports

    Fully equipped home base for any (motor) sport event.

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  • venrooy-utility-vehicles-tandzorg-2.jpg

    Dental Care

    Dental car for young and old.

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  • Tandzorg (jeugd)

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