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Van Venrooy Utility Vehicles produces special vehicles. Innovative mobility solutions, designed and built entirely in accordance with our customers' wishes. We work for business and private clients who place the highest demands on their mobility.

Our family business has been in existence for over 30 years and has a rich history of custom-built projects that we have completed with our dedicated team of professionals. Every vehicle we produce is backed up with our solid service offerings if required. This allows us to take the mobile aspect of your operations completely off your hands.

Our mobile solutions

We provide customized solutions for various sectors such as health care, marketing & promotion, (motor) sports, research, education, information and recreation. Below we highlight some of the projects we have completed. Please feel free to contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

  • Compact Dental Car 1

    Compact Dental Car

    Compact Dental Car for emergency care and intensive dental cleanings.

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  • mtb1


    Mobile dental practice for inmates.

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  • vv-noviacura-1


    Dental car for oral care at institutions

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  • venrooy-palladium-motorhome

    Leisure and recreation

    Exclusive motorhomes for the private market.

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  • TNO_exterieur_1

    Research & development

    Multifunctional vehicle TNO for population research.

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  • healthcare_exterieur_2

    Health Care

    Dental car for oral care of young and old.

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  • VV_Promotion_1


    Create the optimal brand experience and activate your target audience.

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  • venrooy-sport

    (Motor) Sports

    Fully equipped home base for any (motor) sport event.

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  • venrooy-utility-vehicles-tandzorg-2.jpg

    Dental Care

    Dental car for young and old.

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Our service

Carefree ownership of a utility vehicle is guaranteed by the service that Van Venrooy offers you. Below you will find an overview of our service package:

  • VV_onderhoud


    Prevent unplanned downtime with professional maintenance.

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  • VV_storingen2


    Rely on our experienced and skilled technicians.

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  • VV_hulpdiensten


    With our emergency service you are never alone.

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  • VV_schadeherstel

    Damage repair

    Damage to your vehicle? Whatever the cause, we will take care of it!

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  • VV_accessoires


    Everything for extra comfort, efficiency and/or beauty.

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  • VV_restyling


    For complete interior restyling or minor adjustments.

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Our rental options

All products supplied by Van Venrooy Utility Vehicles belong to the top segment of the market. This applies to both our new construction projects and our rental vehicles:

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